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Guillain-Barre & Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies is the new name for the Guillain Barre Syndrome Support which was founded in 1985 by a local lady Glennys Sanders MBE, who found herself in the terrifying situation of being completely paralysed by GBS and relying on a ventilator to breathe. She began to wonder how others without such supportive families as her own must feel and was determined that this should not happen again to anyone.

Guillain-BarrÄ— Syndrome (GBS) is an acute disease of the peripheral nervous system, in which nerves in the arms and legs become inflamed and cease to function. This causes sudden weakness and numbness leading to paralysis that may occur in the legs, arms, upper body and face, often associated with pain. Some cases may result in total paralysis and breathing difficulties requiring long-term rehabilitation.

Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) is a disorder related to GBS that follows a much longer course. Though rarely fatal, many patients in seeking effective treatment often find it proves to be elusive. The incidence of CIDP is perhaps one tenth that of GBS, but the affects may be long lasting.

Any person can get GBS and CIDP regardless of age or gender, neither being hereditary nor contagious. Coming to terms and coping with these illnesses can be an overwhelming experience for patients and their families and friends.

The objects of the charity are to relieve the needs of persons suffering from Guillain-Barre syndrome and associated inflammatory neuropathies, their families and carers in particular but not exclusively by:
a. The provision of information, non-medical advice and other assistance;
b. The promotion of research into the causes, prevention and treatment of Guillain-Barre syndrome and associated inflammatory neuropathies; and
c. Advancing the awareness of the public and of the medical professions concerning Guillain-Barre syndrome and associated inflammatory neuropathies, their causes, prevention and treatment.

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